Mortgage Problems

I don’t have the money to pay my mortgage payment, what should I do?

My mortgage payment has increased and my income isn’t enough to cover all of my bills what are my options?

My mortgage company won’t accept my payments, what is going on?


Struggling to make mortgage payments is a stressful situation to be in.  Piedmont Housing Alliance’s counselors can help you understand what options you may have with if you think you are in danger of missing a mortgage payment or have received a notice of default from your mortgage service provider.  The first step is to notify your mortgage company about your situation.  The earlier you communicate with them the better – you may have more options than you think but if you wait too long those options will no longer be available.

If you need help understanding what the mortgage company needs you to do to get assistance you can fill out and submit our intake form (button at the top of the page) and a counselor will contact you.