Cynthia Kinnier Sets Her Sights on Homeownership

Cynthia sits with her rescued Jack Russell terrier, Abbey, in her new two-bedroom apartment at Woods Edge, reflecting on how far she has come. In the past seven years, she has been through a divorce and a home foreclosure all while dealing with some physical disabilities. When asked how she’s feeling today, Cynthia said in a cheerful tone, “I really don’t know where I’d be right now without the help I’ve received from Piedmont Housing Alliance.”

Cynthia first met with a housing counselor at Piedmont Housing Alliance in 2016 to see if she could get help repairing her credit. With her name on the deed of the home on which her ex-husband foreclosed, her credit score plummeted.  After her divorce was finalized, she started working hard to bring her credit score back to a place where she could consider purchasing her own home, a dream she has had for a long time.

She then began working towards homeownership, taking the VHDA homebuyer’s class and within a short time, after continued help from Virginia Leary, a Piedmont Housing Alliance housing counselor, Cynthia’s credit score was back in good standing.

A few months ago, Cynthia’s landlord gave her a deadline to renew a one-year lease on her apartment. Not quite ready to make the leap and purchase a home, yet not willing to sign a one-year lease where she was living, Virginia suggested Cynthia talk to Panyha, property manager at Woods Edge, one of Piedmont Housing Alliance’s senior living properties, to learn about renting an available two-bedroom apartment.  Now, Cynthia is able to be live even more comfortably in her two-bedroom apartment, saving her several hundred dollars a month in rent with a flexible end-of-lease arrangement as she continues to work towards homeownership. Virginia said, “I’m so excited for Cynthia. She is very driven to achieve this goal!”

We are looking forward to being able to tell her story once Cynthia becomes a homebuyer!