Principles for Redevelopment

Piedmont Housing Alliance’s core values are home, opportunity, community, and respect. These core values reflect an ethic that those inside and outside of Piedmont Housing Alliance can come to expect from the leadership and staff in all of our work.

As we plan for the redevelopment of Friendship Court, the Board and staff of the Piedmont Housing Alliance will live by these values. Piedmont Housing Alliance will engage residents, neighbors, and our community partners in an inclusive and respectful process. Our goal is to help develop a mixed-income, healthy, welcoming, and environmentally responsible neighborhood with improved housing choices and quality of life for current and future residents.

Piedmont Housing Alliance will make financially responsible investment choices that are sustainable for the long run, and will be committed to measuring, analyzing, and communicating our results.

The following core values and principles underlie the redevelopment of Friendship Court:
Everyone should have a place to call home.
Current residents will be able to remain in affordable housing at Friendship Court and, to the greatest extent possible, we will preserve Section 8 project-based assistance. We will strive to minimize disruption and relocation during redevelopment.
Housing opportunities can be the start of great things for individuals and families.
By design, Friendship Court will be beautiful, healthy, and a great place to live. New resources will increase access to economic opportunities for individuals and families.
Working together, we can build strong and vibrant communities.
Planning will include real and substantive input from residents, neighbors, and our community partners. Redevelopment will promote connections to the neighborhood and the larger community. Together, we will promote improved infrastructure, public services, and education for families and their children at Friendship Court.
All people deserve to be treated with compassion and respect.
Redevelopment will build upon the community’s strengths, promote cultural and economic diversity, and encourage mutual respect among residents.