Home Buying

How much do I need for a down payment?

I’ve been renting for years and I want to buy, how do I get started?

What are closing costs?

These are a few very common questions from folks considering homeownership.  The right first step is to meet with a housing counselor.  Click on the drop down from the housing counseling page to download an intake form. We are a HUD approved housing counseling agency which means we’re here to help you understand the home buying process and help you avoid costly mistakes along the way.  Keep in mind that buying a house is a bit more like a marathon than a sprint.  It is best not to put pressure on yourself with an end of lease deadline or try to buy just because your landlord is selling the place you are renting and wants you out in two months.  Sprinting into homeownership can cause you to fall into some of those pitfalls we’d like for you to avoid.

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