From Bankruptcy to Home Ownership in Under Five Years

Jasmine and Weylin at her new home in Charlottesville

Jasmine Midkiff is a proud new homeowner. It was a dramatic turnaround for Jasmine who, in 2013 had enough credit card debt and bills to file for bankruptcy. At that time, the prospect of homeownership was dim, especially when her bankruptcy lawyer informed her that it would be a minimum of four years before she would be able to qualify for a home loan.

A colleague at work told Jasmine about Piedmont Housing Alliance and Jasmine’s meetings with certified housing counselor and accredited financial counselor Virginia Leary started off a step-by-step plan that helped her budget, save, and finally, in 2017, buy her first house.

“The mortgage is cheaper than my rent was for a one-bedroom apartment!” she said. “My apartment was 700 square feet and my house is 1,800 square feet with a basement.”

Jasmine says she’s the first among her friends to purchase a house, and friends her age tell her how proud they are of her. She’s hoping to set an example among them.

“I’ve got money in savings and I don’t have any debt. My dad is really proud of me – when I got the house he sent me some money to help furnish it.  He told me to save some things for him to do around the house for when he comes to visit!”

Jasmine is looking forward to her dad’s visit from California this spring, and hopes that her friends follow in her footsteps, working with Piedmont Housing Alliance on a path to affordable home ownership.