Your credit score: Getting a rental will depend on your credit history. We will work with you to review your financial status, credit history, and debt obligations, and create a budget that will help you to pay off debt and improve your credit.

Finding an affordable rental: You can learn how to find and apply for a rental property that fits in your family budget. Piedmont Housing works in many ways to keep rental housing affordable.

Making rental payments on time: Making payments each month comes from good money management skills. Learning how to manage money takes patience and practice.  Getting started can be the hardest part. Our classes help you to master these skills.

Being a responsible and informed renter: Knowing your responsibilities and your rights as a renter creates a successful rental situation.

Piedmont Housing’s Housing Counselors can coach you in building skills that make it easier to have a positive relationship with your landlord, and are here to help you if you need to assert your rights.

Call Piedmont Housing at 434-817-2436 or contact us at to learn more or request an appointment.

Resources for Renters

All about eviction

Legal Aid resources

VHDA rental resources