Piedmont Housing Alliance’s team of Housing Counselors is excited to work with you. We offer individualized counseling services, financial and homebuying classes and workshops, fair housing education, and more! Completing the Triage Form is your first step to working with a Housing Counselor. Once you complete the Triage Form, you’ll be given a link to fill out the Intake that works best for your goals and where you are right now. After you finish the intake, you will be contacted by a Housing Counselor to set up a meeting.  

If you need help filling out the Triage Form or completing the Intake, please call 434-817-2436 or email housingcounseling@piedmonthousing.org.  

Individualized Counseling

We offer the following one-on-one services. All meetings are by appointment for those individuals who complete the Triage Form and the Housing Counseling Intake and set up appointments with a Housing Counselor. All meetings are confidential. 

  • Homeownership 
  • Foreclosure prevention 
  • Fair Housing Education 
  • Budgeting and Credit 
  • Landlord/tenant issues 

Budgeting and Credit

If you need help planning out your monthly and yearly income, expenses and savings complete our triage form to start the process.  Once you complete the Triage Form, you will be given a link to fill out the intake form.

We can also help you understand what is in your credit report.  You can bring a copy of your report from annualcreditreport.com to your first appointment or we can pull a report and FICO scores for you. We may charge you a $25 fee for your credit report. If you need help building credit our counselors can also help you navigate that – no need to pay anyone to do this for you, we’ll teach you how to do it for free.

Don’t give up. Keep pushing for what you want.

Tonya Dent Homebuyer