Community Services

Piedmont Housing community services play an important role in the lives of members of our communities. Our community services team works with community partners to coordinate programs and services for residents of all ages focusing on health and wellness, financial capability, and community engagement.

Community Services works closely with our Housing Counseling team and community partners to provide residents with the tools they need to grow financially and with community partners to provide quality programming for all ages.

Eviction Prevention Program

Our eviction prevention program is available to all residents at Piedmont Housing Alliance-managed communities. The approach of the program is twofold: solve the immediate crisis, and provide long-term support to get residents on the path to financial well-being.

Unexpected expenses, particularly for residents on fixed incomes, can be a critical challenge. The buildup of fees, court costs, and other life expenses creates a vicious cycle of financial obligation that can feel impossible to escape. The initial goal of enrolling residents in the EPP is to provide immediate intervention in whatever manner possible. As we work to provide that assistance, we also connect residents with Piedmont Housing Alliance’s Housing Counseling team. As a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, Piedmont Housing is able to provide residents the education and resources needed to maintain financial health.

Food Security

Community Services has partnered with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank to bring food onsite at Piedmont Housing communities. We also regularly partner with local businesses to provide snacks and hot meals to our communities.

Community Services at Friendship Court

The Friendship Court community is unique among other Piedmont Housing communities because it has its own community center and an Economic Opportunity Coordinator.

The Friendship Court Community Center

The Community Center at Friendship Court is the center of programming for the community. Programming includes financial education, mentoring, early childhood programming and meals. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, all in-person programs are canceled.

Community Wealth Building at Friendship Court

Through economic opportunity programming, residents have a direct line to Piedmont Housing’s housing counseling services. The Economic Opportunity Coordinator based at Friendship Court ensures that the community has access to job and career resources.