The Redevelopment

The need to redevelop Friendship Court grew out of several factors: a severe shortage of affordable housing in the region; a need to overcome the economic, social and educational barriers faced by Black families in the community; and the imperative to unlock better housing, opportunities, and outcomes for the families living there. Since 2017, a resident-led advisory committee has worked to re-envision the community while adhering to several Core Principles. The goal of redevelopment is not only to provide current residents with new homes, but also to better connect Friendship Court to the surrounding area, improving access to employment and wealth building opportunities to enable families to grow and prosper.

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Live Views!

We have two cameras providing a live view of the construction. Images refresh every five minutes.

We broke ground on Friendship Court in January 2022. Experience our groundbreaking ceremony, as we celebrated the start of Phase 1 of the planned redevelopment.