Friendship Court Media Kit

We appreciate your desire to learn more about Friendship Court Apartments and its redevelopment. Please review this media kit and if you have further questions, contact us at (434) 422 – 4866.

Friendship Court Courtyard design
A Phase 1 rendering that incorporated input and ideas from the Advisory Committee.

The Narrative

Friendship Court is a 40-year-old Section 8 community in the heart of Charlottesville. Just two blocks from the downtown pedestrian mall, the community serves 150 households with an average annual income of about $14,000.

Friendship Court, like many similar communities in the United State, is the result of urban renewal efforts. As efforts were made in the name of removing communities that were seen as a blight on city landscapes, members of the community often found themselves isolated from resources and members of the larger community. This has been the case for Friendship Court.

Though rebuilding this community cannot alone redress the full history of structural racism and other systemized inequities, the work of redevelopment is fundamentally rooted in bending the arc of the future.

Important Documents