6 Benefits of Living in An EarthCraft Community

Did you know that Piedmont Housing Alliance manages two communities built to EarthCraft standards? Carlton Views II and Crozet Meadows both provide residents the benefits of sustainable building.

In 1999, Southface and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association began the EarthCraft development program to address climate conditions in the Southeast. The program lays out a blueprint for green building and sustainable development. EarthCraft has certified over 50,000 residential spaces in the past two decades.

A few advantages of living in an EarthCraft community

  1. Increased quality of life through improved air quality. EarthCraft-certified buildings minimize exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants
  1. Save money on utility bills through lower operating and maintenance costs.
  1. A residence made of materials that are durable, low-maintenance, recycled and rapidly renewable.
  1. Reduce your carbon footprint! EarthCraft homes, on average, are 30% more energy-efficient, and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 1,100 pounds each year.
  1. Conserve water through highly-efficient fixtures, which reduce stormwater pollution.
  1. Knowledge on environmentally-conscious practices that can lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle.
grey building with many windows and red accents

“This partnership has provided education on how to build in accordance to nature, rather than against it”

Steve Nygren, EarthCraft Partner

Piedmont Housing Alliance continues to strive for communities that are better for our environment. Remember to do your part by recycling common household items and properly disposing of hazardous waste. The McIntire Recycling Center and Residential Hazardous Waste Days are two local waste removal resources.

To learn more about EarthCraft’s programs, visit their website here.