Affordable Housing is an Important Part of Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month. Having a safe, affordable place to live plays an important role in healthy aging.

Finding the right community to age in place can increase one’s quality of life and increase financial opportunity, increasing the ability to save, retire earlier and stretch income received from Social Security, pensions or other sources.

Impact of Affordable Housing for those 55 and Up

Access to safe, affordable housing can potentially increase food and health equity as well as access to transportation services. It can also help seniors stay active if the community in which they live offers services and amenities such as group exercise options or a gym, a community garden, and events hosted in conjunction with community partners.

Members of the Scottsville School Apartments community celebrate the holidays.

What to Look for in Senior Living Communities

While communities have different requirements for qualifying to live in them, there are some basic things to consider when you or a loved one are looking for a senior living community in which to live.

Evaluate what is included in rent when researching and visiting senior living communities. Each family and individual has different needs based on costs, transportation and various other factors.

Also consider the location of the property. How close do you want to be to family and friends?

Possibly most importantly, ask questions about what types of resident services are offered at the community. Resident services are direct services that your community manager provides in an effort to make your community a great place to live. These services can include anything from financial classes and coaching to health screenings and social activities. A good resident services program can increase financial stability, decrease stress and improve the overall health and well being of those who take advantage of them.