Housing Counselor’s Corner: Join the MY Homebuyer Club

Piedmont Housing Alliance is kicking off this year’s Melissa Yuille (MY) Homebuyer Club on February 23 to put you in the best position to buy a home. The MY Homebuyer Club offers a support system of housing counselors, peers, and other homeownership industry professionals.

Learn how to manage your money in a way that will best fit your lifestyle and long-term goals. We will discuss building wealth and reducing expenses to plan for your financial future. We will also guide you through the process of setting goals for buying a home.

There are many benefits in joining a peer group. You will hear from homeownership experts, and share tips with other individuals who are working to buy a home. Additionally, you can talk about shared experiences in the home purchasing process with peers. Whenever you have a question or feel stuck in your home-buying journey, you will have a place to solve that issue. By regularly discussing budgeting and real estate processes, you will become more comfortable with purchasing a home.

Our club is named after the late Melissa Yuille, who previously served as a Housing Counseling and Economic Empowerment Director at Piedmont Housing. She began the Homebuyer Club and we strive to provide her same energy and support to the community.

We hope to see you on the fourth Tuesday of each month through June 2021! The registration link for February 23rd at 6:00pm can be found below. Click here to register for more sessions and view our other free classes.