Resident Services Expands Senior Angels; Pilots Parks Edge Presents

The holiday season has come and gone, and with it our Senior Angels program! We were thrilled to expand our gift-giving program this year, and grateful to community members and partners who helped in any way. Last year, 68 residents signed up to receive gifts. This year, 92 senior residents signed up; we also had 20 children sign up for our Presents for Parks Edge pilot program. Beyond those who signed up, we were able to provide gifts to more than 30 additional residents. All told, we provided gifts to 142 residents. At an estimated $20 per resident, this came to a total value of at least $2,840 in gifts – likely more, as some donors went above and beyond in their generosity.

Residents at Woods Edge gather for the community holiday party and gift distribution.

We want to thank and acknowledge those who made this possible. The National Center for Housing Management, a partner organization, was a major program sponsor. Rio Hill Kroger, Scottsville Food Lion, and Wegmans all provided material donations of food and clothing. Our friends at The Center organized an employee gift-giving drive. Our own board and staff; our neighbors, family, and friends – everyone lent a hand. Santa himself came out to deliver the gifts and spread holiday cheer across our community portfolio.

As our community services programs continue to grow and develop, we are excited to continue this tradition in the future.

Michael, our Community Services Coordinator, poses with gifts that were donated to the Senior Angels program.