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Profiles in Doing Good is a monthly blog feature in which we introduce you to consultants, community members and supporters who help us carry out our affordable housing mission. Those featured have an interest in making Charlottesville and the surrounding area a better place for all.

Sierra Gardner was beginning her journey as a graphic design consultant and freelancer when Piedmont Housing Alliance contacted her nearly two years ago.

She is currently a graphic designer for The Scout Guide and continues to enhance her offerings to clients, most recently exploring video editing.

Talking to us for this feature, Sierra said, “I’ve really enjoyed working with [Piedmont Housing Alliance.] This was really my first ever sort of contract.

Our rebrand, Friendship Court communications and board communications are some of the projects she’s worked on.

Sierra Gardner of Sierra Gardner Design

Sierra is a graduate of Virginia State University, a HBCU (Historically Black College/University), in Petersburg, Virginia.

As a graduate of a HBCU, Sierra finds it important to be able to work with clients offering help to people of color.

“It feels good to work with people who have the same ideas as me. [At this organization] I see people of color offering assistance to people who look like them in the community.”

“I see people of color offering assistance to people who look like them in the community.”

Sierra Gardner

Learn more about Sierra from the questions we got to ask her below.

When a nonprofit, or really any business contacts you, what is your process for starting the work with them?

Before I started working with you all, I actually started looking over the website. I do research and find different ideas to see how to make it more exciting. I like to see what works and what catches people’s eye.

How has Covid-19 impacted your business?

Hasn’t really changed much. Events slowed down.

What are some places you like visiting around Charlottesville?

IX Park, McGuffey Art Center, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond

How can potential clients contact you and learn more?

Email at me at

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