What’s in Store and How You Can Help

As Piedmont Housing Alliance and the localities and communities it serves head into 2020, you may be wondering how you can help the efforts to increase and preserve affordable housing.

First and foremost, continue to educate yourself on all things affordable housing, not only locally but nationally. Lack of affordable housing and the need for solutions is not specific to the City of Charlottesville. It is a nation-wide crisis. Many localities face the same issues we do and are also looking at the inequities and racist policies that helped get us where we are today.

Another way to help, get out and meet your neighbors. If you do you will find that those who live in affordable housing want the same things you do. Stable housing, quality education for their children and access to resources that communities have to offer. Neighbors coming together helps fight bias, increase awareness about issues impacting all members of a community and allows the sharing of ideas, culture and resources.

The work Piedmont Housing, the City and County and other nonprofits in the area are tackling is not easy, but working together toward a common goal will help.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can support our work at Piedmont Housing.