Why Supporting Our Seniors is Supporting Our Communities

Recently we kicked off our “S.O.S. – Supporting Our Seniors” campaign to drum up words of encouragement and boredom busters for our 55 and better communities. The response has been tremendous and demonstrates why we launched the program – seniors are often a forgotten population during and outside of crisis.

Many of those 55 and up at our communities remain active members of their Piedmont Housing community and the larger community of the city or county in which they live. Our communities are fortunate to count local celebrities, activists and life-long locals as residents. But even they are not immune to the level of loneliness and boredom that months of social distancing could cause.

Residents at Crozet Meadows enjoy an event.

This is why a note of encouragement is so important.

The response to our S.O.S program has been amazing. Many of you not are not only reaching out to help, but to share your own stories of caring for parents and grandparents, the frustration you feel not being able to travel and visit your own parents and the peace of mind you have when you know they have neighbors and others looking out for them. While ensuring that those 55 and up have the food, shelter and other necessities they need, let’s remember the human companionship and access to activities is also just as needed at this age as it is at any other and a word of encouragement or small gift can mean a lot.

The Scottsville School Apartments community includes many who look forward to an active monthly calendar.