It’s time to drive discrimination out of housing once and for all and replace it with a welcome and open door to housing everywhere!

Join NCRC on December 2 for the #WelcomeMe #FairHousingMatters Selfie Challenge Social Storm! 

All day, across all social platforms let’s define what it is like to feel welcome in our home and neighborhoods. Show and tell us – share your view to help spread awareness of fair housing rights, discrimination, protected classes, COVID-19-related fair housing challenges – and what to do about them.

Don’t forget to include both of these two hashtags in your posts: #WelcomeME #FairHousingMatters.

Share your photo or video on your favorite social media apps – and urge your friends to join the challenge and post theirs. Don’t have social media? You can still participate in the challenge by submitting your photo or video here

Not sure what to say? Here are a few examples:

  • A home where I feel welcome is a home that welcomes all. Fair housing is only fair if it encompasses all identities and all backgrounds. #WelcomeMe #FairHousingMatters 
  • For us, a welcoming home is a space that promotes diversity and inclusion. We should all be able to coexist and thrive in the places that we call home. #WelcomeMe #FairHousingMatters
  • A welcome home is somewhere that families from all walks of life can come together and celebrate their differences. Inclusion is important to us and we will continue to fight for it. #WelcomeMe #FairHousingMatters

NCRC will select 10 sweepstakes winners who will receive a variety of prizes. (These prizes are not a part of NCRC’s campaign support from HUD). For more details on the challenge, visit: ncrc.org/welcomeME 


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