Racial Equity

Piedmont Housing Alliance’s board and staff are committed to disrupting the historical racial barriers in housing and the resulting inequities in financial assets, wealth, and homeownership carried down across generations in the Charlottesville region. Our racial equity initiative is aimed at developing the tools and processes to challenge patterns of institutional power and to grow institutional equity.

Economic Opportunity

Have you ever been told you can do something that you never thought you could?

Economic opportunity is about meaningfully connecting people with resources that allow them to accomplish what they want but never knew they could. Piedmont Housing Alliance works to meet people where they are—locationally and economically.

We are uniquely positioned at our rental properties to provide safe, decent and well-maintained homes while also providing resources for our residents to grow into their dreams.


Piedmont Housing Alliance’s impact throughout the community is shared in many ways—one of which is through the words of those who use our services, live in communities we manage or are part of redevelopment projects.

The first-person narrative is important to us and we seek to expand opportunities for those who we work with to tell their stories. This will be done through digital platforms, audio and video production.

Housing opportunity is the foundation for individuals and families in reaching their goals.