JEDI Strategic Plan

We are pleased to report that Piedmont Housing Alliance is in the midst of the exciting and hard work of planning our strategic path forward for the next three (3) years.

1. Our strategic planning process is divided into the four parts of

  • Phase 1: Preparation,
  • Phase 2: Assessment,
  • Phase 3: Development, and
  • Phase 4: Execution. 

2. We have now entered into Phase 3: Development where we will take all of the work that has been done before and use it to develop 5 key components of our strategic plan:

  1. We will clarify what we mean when we say we are an anti-racist organization
  2. Identify goals
  3. Evaluate our mission, vision, and values in light of these great goals and our anti-racism focus
  4. Set objectives, action items, and functional tactics for those goals
  5. Set metrics for those strategic things

Who will be involved in the development of the new plan? To assist with this important effort, the PHA Board and senior leadership team have developed a multi-pronged, engagement plan. Kimbrough Consulting was selected to complete Phase 1 and Phase 2, Part 1. Internal Management began in Phase 2, Part 2 and continues now into Phase 3.  Engaged in Phase 3 will be PHA Strategic Planning Working Groups, the PHA Strategic Planning Task Force, and the PHA Board.

Will additional updates and information be made available? Please visit this page regularly for updates and information.