The Voice of Experience

Shelley Murphy 150x150 (4)We at Piedmont Housing Alliance are justifiable proud of our counseling staff.  Named last year as Agency of the Year by the Virginia Association of Housing Counselors, our amazing team helps people with housing by taking them through the steps of getting their “financial house” in order.  With a good foundation of financial skill and planning, clients are able to reach their affordable housing goals.

One of our not-so-secret weapons is Shelley Murphy, our Director of Program Services and a housing counseling veteran.  Shelley mentors our younger counselors, and also shares her wisdom throughout the state through counselor trainings.  Her latest effort is a foray into the world of the webinar, sharing her knowledge with hundreds of practitioners in the comfort of their offices.  Piedmont Housing is lucky to have her, and happy to share her so that housing counseling clients throughout the state can get the great service that our local clients receive every day.