Farmer Todd Keeps it Growing at Friendship Court

01 12 15 UACC logo onlyThe Urban Agricultural Collective of Charlottesville (UACC) has been one of our key partners at Friendship Court Apartments for nine years. Started as the Quality Community Council Farms, UACC has worked at Friendship Court and in other near-by community sites to grow fresh produce.  All produce is shared at no cost with the communities near the gardens, including residents of Crescent Hall and Friendship Court.  At the heart of the collective is Todd Neimeier, know by all as Farmer Todd.

Last year, UACC moved forward with the planting of an Orchard and area for Fruit and Native Plants.  In many ways, it was an act of faith.  First, it’s the faith that comes with any gardening enterprise, that the earth and the skies will provide the nutrients and water needed for the plants to grow.   Second, it is faith that the efforts will, quite literally, bear fruit for years to come.

Piedmont Housing believes in the work of Farmer Todd and what it brings to the community in which he farms.  To see for yourself, read what UACC has been doing to make the Friendship Court community a better and healthier place to live.