Financial Counseling is a win-win for homeowners and taxpayers

08 11 15 bnakruptcy CT and CounselingWayThose of us who are still trying to unravel the issues leading to the financial collapse in 2008 are clear on at least one thing:  financiers who rolled the dice on the US mortgage market not only created a massive disruption in the market, but also shattered the American dream of home ownership as a safe and reliable way to build wealth.  As we climb out of the hole created by the recession, those of us in the affordable housing sector are rebuilding that dream home by home.

As is made clear in this Huffington Post Blogpost from Garrick Davis of America’s Homeowner Alliance, one of the keys to rebuilding that dream is financial counseling and homeowner education that helps prospective buyers understand the risks and upsides of home ownership, and prepares them to handle the responsibility of home ownership over the long run.  Piedmont Housing has been doing HUD-approved counseling for decades, and in that time have helped more than 825 moderate-income families become home owners. We want to rebuild that dream, and so do our clients.