Get your fresh organic tortillas here– in Charlottesville?

ULA Tortilla Logo aloneBelieve it or not, the greater Charlottesville area is home to a tortilla factory that uses local ingredients to make fresh, organic corn tortillas.  Piedmont Housing Alliance knows about this because we were able to help the owners to expand their operation by introducing them to the Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA) program.

Through VIDA, eligible savers can get a 2 to 1 match for their savings; for every dollar they save up to $_____, the VIDA program matches it with $2. The catch is that these savings must be used for a housing purchase, education, or business start up expenses. For many of our VIDA savers, the savings go for a down payment on an affordable home. For the owners of Ula Tortilla, their VIDA account was the boost that made their business plan possible.