The Gifts of the Season

giftAdmit it, even with all the anxiety that surrounds the process, giving and receiving gifts at this time of year can be fun. Receiving something you have been wanting, or receiving something wonderful that you did not expect, brings a rush of excitement and gratitude. For me, the giving produces a different kind of feeling.  When I see the look on the face of a someone for whom I have found the perfect gift, that look alone is a perfect gift in return.

The charitable gifts that we give at this time of year do not provide that same reward to the giver.  Certainly there is the so-called “psychic” reward that comes from sharing with others, and the reward that comes on April 15 when you claim that gift as a deduction on your taxes. But it is not the same, and that is why we at Piedmont Housing try our best to share with you what your gift means to our clients. We are the lucky ones who get to receive the perfect gift of gratitude all year long.

This year, we will share the 12 Days of Christmas Gratitude with you.  Just join our email list, and I promise, no partidges in a pear tree.