Great News for Farmer Todd and Friendship Court

One of the many things we like about our relationship with the Friendsh01 12 15 UACC logo onlyip Court community is our partnership with the Urban Agriculture Cooperative of Charlottesville (“UACC”), which is run by Todd Neimeier, known around town as “Farmer Todd.”  UACC grew out of a community-spurred initiative to improve the quality of life in the area around Friendship Court.  As UACC says in its vision statement, “By working together to grow and share healthy food, we create a strong foundation upon which to build a healthier community.”

We were thrilled to hear that Farmer Todd received two well-deserved grants this winter.  An operational grant came from the Bama Works Fund, which also funded Piedmont Housing’s computer learning lab at Friendship Court.  The second grant, from an anonymous source, funds the second phase of an orchard and native plant project that was begun at Friendship Court last year.  The Friendship Court families already benefit from the outdoor activity and fresh food from the garden; it will be exciting to see what happens when the orchard bears fruit.  Congratulations, Farmer Todd