Habitat’s “Park” at Burnet Commons taking Shape

New house cartoonAs part of the community working to increase the amount of affordable housing in this community, Piedmont Housing likes to celebrate affordable housing milestones wherever they occur.  Last week, our partner Habitat for Humanity announced that they were pouring foundations on their next project, Burnet Commons III-The Park.

We were particularly happy to see this, as Piedmont Housing played a part in this development.  When Habitat and its for-profit partner, Southern Development began their development, Southern approached Piedmont Housing for a pre-development loan to help with the costs of site excavation and preparation.  We made the loan out of our CDFI Fund, which supports projects that include affordable housing.

Once the homes are built, Piedmont Housing will be there to provide low-cost mortgage loan assistance to make the Habitat Family purchases possible.  It makes us feel good that there’s a little bit of Piedmont Housing in all those affordable homes.