Healthy Housing Comes First

07 13 14 Bost Family The Hulk (6)
“Hulk” is growing up in a safe and healthy home made affordable through Piedmont Housing down payment assistance.

If America wants to keep its health costs down, one place to look is at our housing stock.  A recent story on NPR’s Morning Edition illustrated  the links between housing and health by focusing on the children who suffered ill effects of poorly maintained low-income housing.

Patty Neighmond, NPR correspondent, cited research at the National Housing Conference that points to the health outcomes from clean, decent housing that is affordable. For children, asthma improves and there are fewer visits to the emergency room for routine health problems. Adults also see improved health outcomes, including reduced cases of obesity, heart disease, and mental health problems.

Piedmont Housing is dedicated to increased housing opportunities, including adding to the local supply of affordable rentals.  We want to ensure that every family has an affordable, healthy and safe place to call home.