Housing is the Prevention and the Cure for Homelessness

03 23 15 Homeless manAs a recent article in the Washington Post notes, Washington DC is joining a number of other cities (NYC, San Francisco) where rental housing is getting out of reach for low- and middle-income wage earners.  The median price of a one bedroom apartment is now $2,000.  Outside of the limited subsidized housing, there is very little housing for less than $800/month.  In the wake of these rising costs is a spike in family homelessness.  Most affected are single parent families, whose part-time jobs simply don’t cover all the needs.

Piedmont Housing Alliance is working on both ends of the spectrum to address homelessness in another high-cost city, Charlottesville.  We’re building and managing more affordable rentals to prevent family homelessness, and we’re working with homeless advocates to find homes for those living on the streets.