How Piedmont Housing Helps People Experiencing Homelessness

At Piedmont Housing, we serve a number of populations, including homeless individuals and families. While we aren’t a traditional homelessness service provider, we serve people experiencing homelessness in a number of ways.  

Providing resources and making connections

First and foremost, we provide them with resources and connect them with organizations that specialize in serving persons who are homeless, such as The Haven, the Salvation Army, Shelter for Help in Emergency, People and Congregations Engaged in Ministry (PACEM) and others. These organizations offer multi-resource day shelter; short-term, emergency housing; support for domestic abuse victims; winter shelter; and other services.

Homeless preference

Multifamily communities can adopt “preferences” for how priority is given to renters on waiting lists. At Piedmont Housing, one of those preferences is homelessness. A homeless preference in HUD-assisted multifamily housing can increase access to available housing for people experiencing homelessness including post disaster.


Current residents at our communities who find themselves facing eviction for financial or housekeeping reasons may be eligible to participate in our Eviction Prevention (EP) program. This program connects residents with service providers to solve the immediate crisis and move forward towards financial stability by working with a Housing Counselor. Residents who want to learn more or have an immediate need should contact Community Services Coordinator, Michael Monaco, at (434) 825-3132 or

Piedmont Housing works closely with case workers and families to ensure that those experiencing homelessness, or who are at-risk, have the tools and resources needed to aid during the immediate crisis. As well as are able to work toward a more stable housing and financial future.