5 11 15 Thank you posterSeveral weeks ago, out the the blue, we received a phone call from one of our home buyers.  Last year, she and her family closed on their new home last year and were willing to share their story about the counseling services and down payment assistance that had helped them achieve their goal. We had the pleasure of meeting with them to talk about the meaning of their new home and how their lives had changed.

It turns out that part of the support we gave to this family was advice about a fair housing claim.  When mom had gone to check out an apartment with the toddlers in tow, she had been told that the children “changed everything,” and the apartment was no longer available.  We gave her the basic information about how to file a claim, and she followed up with the state agency.

Her recent phone call was some remarkable news.  Her fair housing claim had gone to mediation, and in the settlement, her family had received a cash settlement.  We learned that she had requested that part of the settlement go to Piedmont Housing, to help other families who might face similar discrimination.

Humbled, and grateful– really the only words to describe our feelings for her amazingly thoughtful gesture.