Local Government is Committed to Housing

City of Charlottesville SealPiedmont Housing has many partners in our localities, but none better than the local governments who provide support year in and year out for our programs.  Charlottesville and Albemarle, Louisa and Fluvanna Counties each provide some of the funding for our work to make affordable housing available to local residents.  In return, we provide them with results, in the form of reporting on the progress of those programs.

Our second quarter reports went in last week, and since July, in the city alone, we have directly served 289 people through our one-on-one counseling, educational opportunities, and service coordination at Friendship Court Apartments.  For ten of those persons/families, the result was a new affordable home.  For others, it was a step along the way to an affordable home through rental or purchase.  We are grateful to our local governments that they believe like we do that housing is foundational in creating a more stable and caring community.