May the Force be with Affordable Housing, Part II

Marin County Civic Center
Marin County Civic Center

American Public Radio’s MarketPlace feature on George Lucas’s donation of land and $200 million for affordable housing has, not surprisingly, drawn comments from locals in Marin County where the housing will be located.  In Part II of the story, reporters capture the viewpoints of those who live nearby and are concerned about the development, and those who would like to live in a more affordable area.

These viewpoints mirror the concerns that developers of affordable housing encounter everywhere.  On one side are those who share  NIMBY (not in my back yard) sentiments, often based in the appreciation of the way things have always been or “Why do they get it for less when I’ve sacrificed?”

On the other side of the coin are those who would like to let more people take advantage of the good things about a place and those who simply have never had an affordable place to live and welcome the opportunity.

A big challenge is to listen to all of these viewpoints, acknowledge them, and move forward with the best solution for all involved.  Easier said than done.