Peace of Mind

When 50-something Robert and his wife moved to Charlottesville several years ago for his new job, they purchased a new home and began to get established in their new community.  Then they were hit by a financial tsunami.  The job disappeared with the financial downturn, and the house disappeared as they could no longer make the payments. They were thrown into the high cost Charlottesville rental market, and found it difficult to save money with the work they were able to patch together.  Health problems added to the difficulty.  Finally Bob found a steady job, but he and his wife assumed they would never again be homeowners, especially at their age.

Then they met Sarah, a Piedmont Housing counselor who showed them how they could become homeowners again with down payment assistance available to first time homebuyers–they qualified, since they had not owned a home for five years.  They found a town home in a great, family neighborhood, close to his work, and they have made it their own.  They can hardly believe it.   “After all we went through, we finally have some peace of mind,” Bob mused.