Programs that Build and Support Families

07 20 15 Homeless family in carA byproduct of the economic meltdown has been a major increase in the number of homeless families.  The latest edition of “How Housing Matters” includes an article, The Best Option for Homeless Families is a Subsidy.

Among the major findings of the study was the fact that “Families provided with permanent subsidies were more likely to to live in their own home, and had fewer negative experiences such as child separations and domestic violence.”  The children in these families fare better, as they “were less likely to move, had better access to food, and experienced less economic stress.”

Piedmont Housing’s property management affiliate, Alliance Housing, has helped homeless families into subsidized placements and also manages rental properties that operate with subsidies to support families and individuals. These subsidies create the opportunity for decent housing for people who would otherwise be homeless.  As we say in our value statement, housing opportunities can be the start of great things for individuals and families.  We’ve seen it happen, over and over again.