Respect and Equity this MLK Day

In 2020 – a year plagued by a relentless virus – our nation and local counties and cities, also suffered through what many hopefully believed was a true beginning of the United States reckoning head-on with its racist past.

Now almost a year into a world-wide pandemic and racial tensions still high, the country reflects on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This MLK Day we encourage you to pause and reflect on two of our core values – respect and equity. Respecting your neighbors as human beings means there is a desire to not only help those in need, but one to change systems and institutions that maintain and promote inequities and have not lived up to providing liberty and justice for all.

Equity at Piedmont Housing Alliance means we are looking at everything we do through a racial equity lens. We are working to set a standard of equitable development, programming and work toward becoming an antiracist organization. We encourage our staff, residents and clients to engage with the community and seek out opportunities for education.

This month offer many opportunities to engage and learn. For the rest of January, you can participate in virtual events that are part of the annual Community MLK Celebration. The theme for the 2021 Community MLK Celebration is “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?”