She knows whereof she speaks . . .

Virginia Leary Housing Counselor
Virginia Leary
Housing Counselor

Piedmont Housing Alliance’s housing counselor, Virginia Leary, took a trip over to the University of Virginia last week.  She was invited to speak to the graduates of the Navy Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC), whose post college plans are not a mystery.  They will each be going into the armed services as a commissioned officer.

Virginia’s mission in this case was to prepare them for their military pay and benefits, a subject she knows well as a military spouse.  She wanted to make sure that they understood the difference between base pay (taxable) and allowances (not taxable,) and that they knew how to read and carefully monitor their pay statements as they moved from posting to posting.

In addition to providing this service to new members of the military, Virginia can help those currently enlisted with managing their money and becoming home owners.  As a Certified Military Home Specialist, she can help military families access available loans and other benefits.  Piedmont Housing is proud to have her as part of our team serving those who serve all of us.