She’s the Top

Sarah Brazelton 150x150 10Last year, at the recommendation of some of our funders, Piedmont Housing started collecting client survey data.  We had tried to get client feedback by mailing out surveys, but they were rarely returned and didn’t seem to tell us much.

With help from local survey goddess, Maryfrances Porter, who teaches outcome measurement through the Center for NonProfit Excellence, we figured out a way to get information that is meaningful, in real time, and pretty painless for the clients.

The best part about this process has been all the great things that clients say about our staff.  This week, evaluations of our counselor Sarah Brazelton used words like “amazing,” “great customer service,” “very helpful and approachable,” “friendly and informative.”

We think the people we work with are pretty amazing.  It’s nice to get that confirmed on a regular basis by the clients we serve.