The “New” American Dream

Stitched house cartoonThe MacArthur Foundation’s “Housing Matters” campaign has created a short video,  “The New American Dream.”  Some of you will recognize it as the old American dream–home ownership–but as the video notes, this dream has become a big up-hill climb for more families who are part of what used to be called The Middle Class.  These are the stories we hear every day at Piedmont Housing Alliance, and is why we provide one-on-one counseling and down payment assistance to help those want to become homeowners, and why we manage quality, affordable rentals to serve very low income folks.

Being in a home that is safe and warm and affordable makes a huge difference for a family, and especially for the children in that family.  As one of the people in the video notes, home is a place to feel grounded and recharge.  A place to build memories.  “It doesn’t need to be a mansion,”  says another.  Just a place to call home, with a price tag that leave enough in the budget to pay for the other necessities.-ktk