Watch out world, here she comes!

Ruth's Farewell Luncheon at Escafe
Ruth’s Farewell Luncheon at Escafe

Ruth Barnett had the longest title of any employee at Piedmont Housing Alliance.  That’s because it was almost impossible to list all the things she “took care of” for us.  Office manager, clerk of the Board and its multitude of committees, assistant to the executive director, orderer of food for all of our gatherings, enforcer of kitchen cleanliness and etiquette, keeper of the records and the memories.  Just to name a few.

We miss Ruth, and with her characteristic spirit, she told us not to worry.  She has been everything from a legal secretary to a landscaper to a beauty queen, and whatever she chooses to do now, she will do it with gusto and verve and her own special style.  Thanks for everything, Ruth.