We’re Pros at Promoting Home Ownership

10th & Page for dpa pageA central role that Piedmont Housing Alliance plays in our community is promoting home ownership.  Since our founding, we have assisted more than 825 families to become first-time home buyers.  Some of these families needed education and counseling, some needed down payment assistance–some needed both.  We also work to preserve home ownership by working with families in danger of foreclosure, and by channeling money into home repairs.

Home ownership doesn’t happen over night, and our commitment to these families is lasting.  We are about to step into some new commitments, this time focused on the Ridge Street neighborhood.  Over the next two months, we will hold informational sessions about new funding that is available for home buyers and home owners who need repairs.  These will take place at the Community Center at Greenstone on 5th on the following dates. Tuesday, June 16, 5pm to 6pm; Wednesday, June 17, 12 noon to 1pm; and, Saturday, July 18, 12 noon to 1pm. Refreshments provided. Call us at 434-817-2436 for more info.