LEAP partners with Piedmont Housing Alliance to Upgrade Properties

This fall, two affordable housing apartment communities managed by Piedmont Housing Alliance are receiving energy efficiency upgrades from a local partner, LEAP, Local Energy Alliance Program. LEAP, who has been serving our community since 2009, works together with businesses and homeowners to implement energy efficient technologies that promote cost savings.

Some of the upgrades include new attic insulation and air sealing at Crozet Meadows. At Monticello Vista Apartments, LEAP’s Tray Biasiolli, installed new hot water pipe insulation and replaced old lightbulbs with newer LED lightbulbs. He also installed new water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators in the apartments.  These cost-saving methods align with Piedmont Housing Alliance’s affordable housing mission and also help the environment.  A simple example: replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient halogens, CFLs or LEDs saves 30-80% on energy bills. That adds up to annual savings of $50 to more than $100, according to The Alliance to Save Energy.

LEAP’s Executive Director Andrew Grisby added, “Everyone deserves a comfortable home and manageable energy bills. From lighting upgrades and water saving features to attic insulation and air sealing, LEAP is proud to offer weatherization services that help our neighbors like the folks at Monticello Vista. And we’re thrilled to work together with our low-income housing partners like Piedmont Housing Alliance.”

We are very grateful for our partnership and the work completed by LEAP at our properties as we strive to provide our residents and the community with the most affordable, comfortable, and sustainable housing options.