Resident Betty Goodman Loves Her Life at Woods Edge

Betty Goodman bookcase

Arriving at Betty Goodman’s apartment at Woods Edge in Charlottesville, you are immediately welcomed into a bright comfortable space filled with photos and memories of friends and family. Her glowing smile lights up the living room, as does the afternoon sun shining through her large apartment window.

Betty comes to Charlottesville from Waynesboro and New Hope, Virginia. She spent 28 years as an administrator in the orthopedic department at the University of Virginia Medical Center. Betty’s husband, Robert B. Goodman (known as BG), worked at UVa’s Athletic Department. A few years after retiring, Betty was asked to come work part-time at the ticket office of the athletic department. She said yes and quickly became a ray of sunshine for all who passed by the ticket window in her seven years there. In 1997, Betty received an award from the Society of Purple Shadows at UVa honoring her for her commitment and contributions to the University. The Society said, “Mrs. Goodman, you are a beacon of joy to all those who come in contact with you. You have brought a warmth and happiness to the ticket office that is unprecedented. Forever seeing the bright side of each day, your positive attitude has spread like wildfire from the window you sit behind. Not only have you transformed the inside of the ticket office, but you have touched the hearts of most of the athletes at this University through your ever-present smiles and waves.”

Betty enjoyed a full life with BG in their home in Charlottesville until 1986, when he passed away. Eventually, Betty realized she was not able to keep up the house and the yard work on her own and her friends suggested some alternative living ideas. Through JABA, she heard about Woods Edge, an affordable senior housing development just off Rio Road. Betty soon became a resident and has enjoyed every minute of it.

While sharing her special homemade cheesecake, Betty joked about how she plans to celebrate her 87th birthday with her friends she has made over her 14 years at Woods Edge. Betty says, “I am so blessed. And I think only good things are going to happen here with the new management. I already see such a difference and everyone is so sweet.”

Property Manager, Panyha Brown, says, “Everyone I’ve met seems to really enjoy life here at Woods Edge and that just makes my job more meaningful and fun.”

Residents at Woods Edge can enjoy amenities including an on-site hair salon. They can exercise in the activity center, celebrate birthdays together, play Bingo on Fridays, as well as enjoy walks in nature around the wooded property. In April, Piedmont Housing Alliance/Alliance Management added Woods Edge to its portfolio of 350 high-quality affordable apartment homes.

To learn more about Woods Edge, contact Panyha Brown at 434-975-9090.