Saved from the Streets

Dorothy White is a soft-spoken 86-year old woman who grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Dorothy worked as a bookkeeper much of her life, and is now a resident of Crozet thanks to Piedmont Housing Alliance. She loves to collect wood sculptures and rocks from walks in the woods and wonders at the beauty around her that many overlook.  She loves collecting roosters and indulging in puzzles, calligraphy and coloring.  Dorothy also volunteers at the Green Olive Tree, a Christian thrift store in Crozet.  Things were not always that great for Dorothy.  About a year ago, Dorothy became ill and had to spend some time in the hospital.  After recuperating from her illness and going through rehabilitation for several weeks, Dorothy’s son’s home caught fire and burned completely to the ground.  With very few possessions left, Dorothy was then left homeless, living in a motel for around five months when she finally met David Hawkins, the Housing Navigator at The Haven, a day shelter in Charlottesville, who put her in touch with Piedmont Housing Alliance.  After a few months, we were able to locate Dorothy a place in one of our properties, The Meadowlands in Crozet.  With help from local churches, stores, and staff at Piedmont Housing Alliance, she was able to furnish her new apartment.  “I have my independence back now and the enjoyment of good friends”, says Dorothy. Dorothy continues meeting lots of other community members with whom she plays cards and does other activities. She is now an active community resident, loved by all of her neighbors and loving life again herself!