Scottsville School Apartments Celebrates Long-Time Resident Virginia Bowen’s 96th Birthday

Ms. Virginia Bowen and Ethel Almost everyone knows Ms. Virginia Bowen, a soft-spoken, spry resident of Scottsville School Apartments.  Virginia has lived in Scottsville for more than 22 years and has many friends.  At Scottsville School Apartments, Virginia’s apartment has all of the amenities she needs and is filled with wonderful memories of her long and interesting life.

Virginia was born in Greensboro, North Carolina and spent her childhood with her grandparents. When Virginia was just four years old, she was run over by a truck.  She spent several months recuperating in the hospital, and eventually, with lots of care and help from her family, she was able to return to a normal life.  With encouragement from her grandparents, she started engaging in acrobatics and dancing to stay active and agile.

Her parents divorced when she was six, and after her mother remarried, Virginia lived with her mother and her stepfather in Newport News, Virginia.  She worked as a bank teller for many years, got married and had a son and a daughter.  Education was very important to Virginia, and she encouraged her children to attend the College of William & Mary.  Unfortunately, her marriage ended so she raised her kids on her own and did what she had to do for her family.  She got engaged two or three more times in her life, but said she realized getting married again just wasn’t a good idea for her or her children.  Virginia came to live in Scottsville, VA after her daughter moved to the area. She became a member of the Scottsville School Apartments advisory board which is how she learned about the residence.  Nowadays, Virginia receives help from her caretaker and friend, Ethel, with whom she spends a lot of time.

A few weeks ago, Ethel and Virginia’s friends surprised her with a party for her 96th birthday where they enjoyed some food and drinks and, of course, a birthday cake. Virginia’s son visited from Washington state as a surprise. Standing tall and proud, Virginia addressed her friends, “I appreciate so much everything you have done for me. I’m glad I made it through this birthday and I will always remember you.”

Virginia Bowen photo collage

Virginia wishes that her family could live closer, but she also knows she has plenty of family at Scottsville School Apartments and says she really enjoys her life there and it is home.  A lover of dancing, Virginia fantasizes about having another celebration and the idea of dancing with former President Barack Obama when she turns 100.  “We will have a ball when I turn 100,” Virginia says.  “Then we will have a real big party and we will dance!”

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