Piedmont Housing Alliance and ReadyKids: Benefits Your Family Can Take Home

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ReadySteps session at Friendship Court
Shannon Banks, ReadySteps Program Manager, and Kelsey Lehman, CCQ Educator at Friendship Court Community Center

It all happens at the Friendship Court Apartments Community Center. Some call it pre-school for the whole family. It’s called ReadyKids, where children (birth through five years) and their caregivers (parent, grandparent, child care provider, etc.) get together for fun, learning, and bonding.

Together, children and adults participate in activities that include everything from math and music to reading, art, and just plain play. The Program Educator and Family Coordinator work together to provide a program that promotes mutual understanding and opportunities to socially mingle with other kids and caregivers, which is what connecting with the community is all about.

Piedmont Housing Alliance Shannon Banks ReadyKids with Friendship Court kids

This is a rare benefit for caregivers, who can learn first-hand how their child is growing and developing. And kids learn that their caring adults can be supportive and fun. The overall goal is to extend this concept and experience from the community center into the home. The program includes developmental and other support services by trained professionals, such as counseling and intervention, finding a dance class for your three-year-old, or helping to locate adult education classes.

Kudos to Shannon Banks, program manager, Eleanor Hoppe, program educator, and Laura Somel, family coordinator, for their energetic and committed work. The big news right now is that they will be adding a second educator early in the New Year!

Call (434) 296-4118 to learn about more programs and services in support of early childhood education or parenting.  And don’t miss the ReadyKids website at www.readykidscville.org, which will explain the mission, goals, and strategies behind the many programs ReadyKids promotes. ReadyKids is a proud partner of the Piedmont Housing Alliance, who supports local families with its mission to create housing opportunities and build community, and who is working with Friendship Court families on the transformational redevelopment of their community.