The Affordable Housing Need and Piedmont Housing Alliance’s 2018 Impact

As 2018 draws to a close, we pause to reflect on the state of affordable housing in our community, and our impact as an organization.

One in four Charlottesville families cannot meet their basic needs, it takes three full-time minimum wage jobs to afford an average two-bedroom apartment in the city, and there is a 3,000-unit affordability gap.

This year, Piedmont Housing served 1,057 community members with affordable housing and financial counseling to help disrupt generational poverty in our community.

We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. Over the last two years, Piedmont Housing has assisted 67 first-time home buyers with incomes as low as $23,400 with $618,000 in down payment assistance.

We worked with Friendship Court residents as they co-designed their redevelopment site plan ensuring no displacement and additional affordable housing. Watch as Friendship Court Advisory Committee Member Myrtle Houchens shares her story.

Myrtle Houchens from Red Spark Films, LLC on Vimeo.

Building for the future, we will …

  • Increase the number of our high-quality rental homes by 70% in 2019
  • Reach the milestone of assisting 1,000 first-time homebuyers in 2020
  • Move the first residents into new housing at Friendship Court in 2021
  • Provide 1,000 affordable rental homes in our community by 2025

But this cannot be achieved without your help. Please support our work with a year-end donation.

“The deep need for comprehensive aff­ordable housing solutions in the Charlottesville region is more evident than ever. Piedmont Housing must grow to match the need, explicitly considering racial equity, uplifting the voices of low-wealth communities, and endeavoring to collaborate across the housing spectrum.”

– Sunshine Mathon, Executive Director, Piedmont Housing Alliance