Timmons Group is the Site Engineer for the Friendship Court Redevelopment Project

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David Dixon and Steve Kearney, both of Stantec, were essential parts of the team that developed the Master Plan for the redevelopment of Friendship Court. Stantec, an architectural design firm with experience in urban redevelopment called upon Timmons Group for support in site engineering for Friendship Court. Craig Kotarski, is a senior project manager for Timmons Group and a project lead for the Friendship Court work. Timmons Group and Stantec have worked together on local projects such as the renovation of Agnor Hurt Elementary School and the Greene County athletic complex.

As part of the Friendship Court Master Plan team contracted by Piedmont Housing Alliance, Timmons Group looked at the storm water, sanitary, and water capacity at the site and completed the survey work to determine the best grading for the site and its eventual infrastructure, going forward.

The lowest land in the 12-block area that defined Friendship Court includes the location of Pollacks Branch, an underground stream channeled by a pipe underneath the property. Consideration was given to the idea of moving Pollocks Branch but through the work conducted by Timmons Group, the expensive undertaking was deemed unnecessary and instead, the low-lying land will be properly graded and better used as much-desired green space.

Kotarski is glad to be a continuing part of the Friendship Court redevelopment team. “We appreciate any time we have the opportunity to be part of a project that has such community focus and engagement. In our office, we’re all residents of Charlottesville and we appreciate good design from sound infrastructure to social impact. Friendship Court will pave the way in the Strategic Investment Area and have impact on all other development in the area.” Kotarski feels a connection to the residents at Friendship Court beyond what normally occurs in his client work. For two years, as a member of Portico Church, he worked with a group providing tutoring to the kids of Friendship Court. “It took many sessions of showing up consistently and getting to know the kids, but I definitely began to feel part of the community,” he said.

Engaged in development projects throughout the region, Timmons Group has provided engineering expertise on projects in nearly every school in Albemarle County, the Charlottesville High School Track and stadium, and Forest Hills Park. Timmons Group is currently working on planning for the McIntire Botanical Park and the Southwood expansion of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club.