Kalie Roberts Becomes a Recent Homebuyer with Help from Piedmont Housing Alliance

pha-kalie-roberts-home-buyerKalie Roberts had spent some time renting an apartment with a roommate downtown, but was eager to find a living situation where she could be more independent, in less close quarters with neighbors, and put her housing money toward a place that she owned herself. After returning to live with her parents for a time, in order to save money for a down-payment, Kalie was excited to find a home she wanted to buy, but was unfortunately outbid by another buyer.

What would Kalie tell other potential homebuyers about her experience? “It’s scary and can be frustrating – but don’t give up!” After the first place she thought she would love fell through, Kalie found a townhome that felt like just the right place for her. The hurdle this time? Because of the homeowners’ association fees, her salary was not quite sufficient to cover her costs. Fortunately, her realtor knew about the work of Piedmont Housing Alliance, and the assistance they can provide to buyers like Kalie. Because of the location of the property she wanted to buy, Piedmont Housing was able to help Kalie find a special USDA loan that she qualified for, to bridge the funding amount that she needed, and also arranged for Kalie to take a homebuyer’s education class.

“I grew up in a townhome,” Kalie says. So she can imagine her new place, which she just closed on in July, being home for a long time; perhaps even being where she will start her own family one day. Kalie is so grateful to Piedmont Housing for helping make her wish to start investing in a home of her own a reality.