Haley Neumann Buys Her First Home in Charlottesville

Haley Neumann homebuyer

Haley Neumann, a native of Earlysville, Va. finally got to celebrate owning her own home.  Haley has been renting and working in Charlottesville ever since college and wanted to invest in something of her own.

She started looking for something to buy in January 2016, looking at apartments and townhomes mostly outside of Charlottesville, but realized after growing up in the country, that she really preferred the idea of living closer into Charlottesville where she works and spends more of her time.  At first, Haley said she was shocked to learn of home prices in the city.  Most of the places she thought she could afford were condominiums that had monthly HOA payments attached to the regular mortgage payment that made it unaffordable.

Haley had already done her homework on how to become mortgage-ready, but needed assistance with the down payment.  By May of 2017, Haley found out about Piedmont Housing Alliance through a friend of a friend, and came to talk about how we could help. Haley qualified for down payment assistance from Piedmont Housing Alliance’s allocation of state home funds, which helps make her monthly mortgage payments affordable. Haley says, “from May to August was a whirlwind.  But, then I finally found the new home I wanted to purchase.”  By August, Haley and her son, two-year-old Oliver, moved into their two-bedroom home on Commonwealth Drive.

It was a lot of work, but Haley says it was worth it.  With the competition in Charlottesville, Haley says she looked at many places and lost bids before finding the home that was right for her.  Her advice to others is to simply hang in there.

Congratulations to Haley and Oliver!